Star Wars seen from France

The first Officially licensed book released directly in French for the French market bearing the original Guerre des Etoiles artwork from 1977.

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The Star Wars Saga seen from France

This book is a real tour de force: it is the first time an Officially licensed book is released in France before any other country (rather than being translated), and the first time in the past 20 years that an official product bears Star Wars original French title and pyramidal logo. It is co-authored by 5 known french collectors / authors and published in October 2015 by French publisher Huginn&Muninn, specialized in pop culture, geek, and graphic art publications. - Available in FRENCH printed edition only.

What's inside

The book reviews how the entire saga was received in France from the early days until now, French translation, posters, Ewoks, comics, animated, games, iconic toys, consumer goods and merchandise, oddities, as well as French artists and the French fandom over the years...

Star Wars saga seen from France cover

Dimensions 10x12" - 212 color pages - Available in FRENCH edition only.

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