Cosmic Figures

3rd volume our new series of HARDCOVER books. The definitive reference to the iconic MECCANO and TRILOGO mini-Action Figures from the "Star Wars" toy line marketed in France and Europe by Meccano/Palitoy in a never-before-seen format emphasizing pro-quality full-scale 1:1 photography.

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Meccano Trilogo Cosmic Figures

STAR WARS toys hit the shelves in the United States and Europe in 1978, and the mini-action figures were quickly established as flagship products. Products were initially adapted to the domestic markets, especially the major ones - UK (Palitoy) and France (Meccano). Meccano benefited from greater autonomy than secondary European licensees in adapting products. This resulted in the famous and distinctive square blister card format and the memorable advertising campaigns. Then, European licensees gradually standardized the products and marketing with the “Return of the Jedi” range in 1983. This led to the advent of multilingual "TRILOGO" packaging bearing cascaded logos on the blister card from May 1984. Released in September 2023 - Available in separate ENGLISH and French printed hardcover editions.

What's inside

THIRD volume (*) our new series of books in HARDCOVER format. Cosmic Figures is the definitive reference to the iconic Action Figures from the "Star Wars" / "Guerre des Etoiles" toy line marketed in Europe and France by MECCANO and PALITOY, in a never-before-seen format emphasizing pro-quality full-scale 1:1 photography [of the Meccano and Trilogo action figures in their original packaging], with comprehensive marketing insights. This book is for everyone, whether you’re a long-time collector, a new enthusiast that’s curious to know more about these toys, or a grown-up kid who’s nostalgic for the toys of your youth.
(*) This is a companion volume to "The Legendary Ads" (2021) and "Galactic Plastic" (2022); the former giving a new marketing perspective to the fabulous advertising and promotional campaigns implemented in France during the original-trilogy era, and the latter reviewing the vehicles, playsets, and accessories from the Meccano – Bilogo – Trilogo series with fully scanned original packaging and instructions.

Meccano Trilogo Cosmic Figures cover

Dimensions 8.27x11" - Hardcover 246 color pages - FRENCH and ENGLISH.

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