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Going back to the BASICS - an essential resource for collectors, which helps managing efficiently your collection, and that can be used & enjoyed anywhere.

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Meccano-Trilogo Collectors' Handbook

The "Meccano-Trilogo Collectors’ handbook" goes back to the basics: an essential resource for collectors, which can be used and enjoyed anywhere, allowing to keep on what you own, check on what you need, on a show, a garage sale, or any opportunity to make acquisitions for your collection throughout 220 color pages. Released late 2016 - Available in separate ENGLISH and French printed editions.

What's inside

This book is the PERFECT companion to your journey into Star Wars vintage 1978 to 1985 Meccano & Trilogo action figure collecting.

Its content is focused on strictly key information: large individual pictures of each blister card from the various series chosen among the best condition available, resulting of two decades of collecting, only one item per page, brief introduction to each series, card front and backs combinations, collection checklist, and an updated rarity index with a unique scale regardless of the action figure series.

Collectors' handbook cover

Pocket book format dimensions 5x7" - 220 color pages and 210+ stunning photographies - Available in two separate editions: FRENCH and ENGLISH.
Note: For more extensive information about the French merchandise, marketing methods and materials, please refer to "La French Touch: The Definitive Guide to French Star Wars Collectibles 1977-87" (2016) book, which features each single item marketed in France, within all product categories, and reviews marketing material and their history.

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