Meccano To Trilogo

Back to 2006 with *THE* book which revealed to collectors the French Meccano and European Trilogo lines and led them to the hobby’s hall of fame.

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Meccano to Trilogo (2006)

Released in October 2006, "Meccano to Trilogo" was the FIRST book published about Star Wars action figure toys from a European licensee - dedicated to the elusive Meccano line, by the French licensee in 1978, to the European Trilogo line that was available until 1986. It featured the most extensive coverage yet about both toy lines with the whole collections presented for the first time. It was widely acclaimed by the collecting community, titled a ‘labor of love’ by super collector Steve Sansweet, echoing in websites and magazines such as AFN and Tomart. It sourced the interest to collectors for those lines, leading them to the hobby’s hall of fame. - Available in ENGLISH printed edition only.

What's inside

This book review the French Meccano and European Trilogo action figure lines released from 1978 to 1986. It covers Mint on Card (MOC) action figures from those series, with front and back variations, vehicles and playsets, as well as some paperwork sources such as retailer catalogs photography, consumer catalogs, and chilhood magazines advertising. It also features a rarity index (restricted to each series), and a detailed carded action figures and vehicles packaging variant checklist.

Meccano to Trilogo cover (commemorative edition)

Dimensions 8.5x11" - 144 color pages and 500+ stunning photographies - Available in ENGLISH edition only.
Note: The book featured on this page is the Commemorative 2014 edition (the original 2006 edition being out of print). For extensive and accurate information about the French merchandise, marketing methods and materials, please refer to "La FRENCH TOUCH: The Definitive Guide to French Star Wars Collectibles 1977-87" (2016) book. It features each single item marketed in France within all product categories (including Meccano and Trilogo toys with higher quality picutres) , and reviews marketing material and their history.

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