Your resource to French Star Wars collectibles.

French Touch and Meccano to Trilogo are dedicated to Star Wars products marketed in France during the original era. Through these publications and other activities, the authors and contributors share a same passion for highlighting the French memorabilia at large, and bring the most accurate knowledge and history about French Star Wars collectibles. The following publications are the achievement of decades of collecting, interviewing, cataloging...

Meccano Trilogo Cosmic Figures cover

Meccano Trilogo Cosmic Figures

by Stephane Faucourt & Yann Leroux - 2023
self-published - 246 color pages - 8.27x11 in. HARDCOVER!

THIRD volume our new series of books in HARDCOVER format. Cosmic Figures is the definitive reference to the iconic Action Figures from the "Star Wars" / "Guerre des Etoiles" toy line marketed in Europe and France by MECCANO and PALITOY, in a never-before-seen format emphasizing pro-quality full-scale 1:1 photography [of the Meccano and Trilogo action figures in their original packaging], with comprehensive marketing insights. This book is for everyone, whether you’re a long-time collector, a new enthusiast that’s curious to know more about these toys, or a grown-up kid who’s nostalgic for the toys of your youth.

This is a companion volume to "The Legendary Ads" (2021) and "Galactic Plastic" (2022); - see below.

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Meccano Trilogo Galactic Plastic cover

Meccano Trilogo Galactic Plastic

by Stephane Faucourt & Yann Leroux - 2023
self-published - 241 color pages - 8.27x11 in. HARDCOVER!

Discover the entire range of vehicles/spaceships, playsets, and accessories from the "Star Wars"/"Guerre des Etoiles" mini-action figure toy line marketed in Europe and France by PALITOY and MECCANO, including BILOGO and TRILOGO series, in a never-before-seen format emphasizing top-quality imagery (fully scanned from original packaging and instructions, full page and double-page box imagery, packaging unused content) and with original-format documentation whenever possible.

This is a companion volume to "The Legendary Ads" (2021) -see below- which brought a new marketing perspective to the fabulous advertising and promotional campaigns implemented for Star Wars toys in France during the original-trilogy era.

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Legendary Advertisements cover

The Legendary Advertisements 1977-85

by Stephane Faucourt & Yann Leroux - 2021/2022
self-published - 240 color pages - 8.27x11 in. HARDCOVER!

Rediscover the fabulous advertising and promotional campaigns for Star Wars toys in France 1977 to 1985 from a new MARKETING perspective, and how Meccano's teams demonstrated their marketing savoir-faire and inventiveness.

Enjoy these fascinating advertisements, catalogs, internal (to Meccano) material and commercial artifacts presented in their original format and actual size. They offer an instructive overview of toy marketing in the Original Trilogy period and how it evolved in France, and provide unparalleled insight into globalization as it developed through the 1980s to become the foundation of the marketing practices we see today.

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40 years of French Culture cover

40 years of French Culture

by Stephane Faucourt & Yann Leroux - 2018
with Jean Bernard, Jerome Brun, Pascal Delvordre
self-published - 162 color pages - 8.5x8.5 in.

“Star Wars: 40 Years of French Culture” commemorates four decades of the license in France. It is both a touchstone for those fans who were there from the beginning, and an historic journey for those who have discovered Star Wars more recently.

In this book, you will (re) discover original, rare, commonplace and unusual products marketed in France from 1977 to the present day, presented in gorgeous photos, accompanied by descriptive information and personal anecdotes from the authors. All of these products bear witness to the immediate and unbridled enthusiasm of the French public for Star Wars, and the Gallic flair for merchandising creativity that has always been at the forefront of style.

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Meccano Trilogo Collectors handbook cover

Meccano Trilogo Collector's Handbook

by Stephane Faucourt & Yann Leroux - 2016
self-published - 220 color pages - 5x7 in.

This handbook goes back to the basics - an essential resource for collectors, which helps managing efficiently your collection at home, and that can be used and enjoyed anywhere.

It features carded action figures from the French licensee Meccano line in 1978 to the European Trilogo line in 1985, with content strictly focused on key information: brief summary of each line, large individual pictures of each blister card, chosen among the best condition available, resulting of two decades of collecting, card front/backs combinations, collection checklist, and an updated rarity index with a unique scale regardless of the action figure series.

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French Touch 2016 edition cover

French Touch 2016 edition

by Stephane Faucourt - 2013 / 2016
self-published - 274 color pages - 1500+ pictures - 8x10 in.

“LA FRENCH TOUCH: The Definitive Guide to French Star Wars Collectibles 1977 to 1987” has been widely acclaimed by collectors and fans at large. It is the MOST comprehensive and yet-complete book about vintage Star Wars collectibles from France.

It reviews the history of the entire range of French merchandise released during the original era [some heretofore unreferenced or thought to exist only in myth] featuring EACH single product photography, and the way those products were promoted and advertised through many public and professional materials. It also re-examines the response the original movies received in France through a wide press / magazine review and documentary references.

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La Saga vue de France cover

La Saga vue de France

by Antoine Bardet - Stephane Faucourt - Jerome Wybon - 2015
Licensed - 220 color pages - 9x13 in. - FRENCH only

This book (in english “The Star Wars saga seen from France”) is an OFFICIAL French book for a general audience published by Huginn&Muninn. It is the first time a book is released directly in France (rather than being a previously available English book), and also the first time since 20 years that Lucasfilm allowed usage of the original French Star Wars pyramidal shaped logo on an official product.

It reviews the entire Saga from 1977 to 2015 from a French perspective; the way the movies were marketed and adapted from the start, the response they received, iconic products and their advertising, featuring as well French artists and fandom.

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Meccano to Trilogo 2007 cover

Meccano to Trilogo

by Stephane Faucourt - 2007
self-published - 144 color pages - 8x12 in.

“MECCANO to TRILOGO” was the FIRST book published to cover the French and European Star Wars toys. It revealed the French toy lines to the collecting community and helped generate the increased enthusiasm around themaccross the world.

It is dedicated to the elusive Meccano action figure line, by the French licensee in 1978, to the European Trilogo line that was available until 1986. It featured (back then) the most extensive coverage about those toy lines with the whole collections presented for the first time with additional information and catalog photography.

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